To offer a complete experience, we have teamed up with a few partners. We can also offer the following additional services.

Our partner Florida Perfection is a property management company. Do you have a vacation villa in Cape Coral that you want to rent out or have looked after? Our partner Florida Perfection can help you.

With over 85 holiday homes in their portfolio they know what they are talking about. A dedicated staff will take care of your home like it is their own.

Florida Perfection takes care of:



Our partner Florida Perfection Boats is a boat rental company. Through our partner Florida Perfection Boats, we can offer boat rental as an additional service.

When you rent a boat from our partner, we make sure the boat will be delivered to your vacation rental. When the rental period is over, we will also pick up the boat from your house. It's not getting easier than that.

Additionally, you can book a boat instruction. This option is especially suited for unexperienced captains.
During the optional boat instruction, our boat manager will give you all information needed to drive a boat
safely through the waters around Cape Coral. He will also give you tips on where to go.
He might even give away his secret fishing hotspots.